Football Universe
Football Universe

We developed a sports app, Why? Because we can! Football Universe offers multiple games. 'Head to Head' and 'Who will win' are single player, whilst Team pool lets you invite friends to compete against each other in weekly rounds.

Football Universe

  • Client Starsoft
  • Role UI / UX Design & Development
  • Year 2017
  • Mobile App
Football Universe Who Will Win
Football Universe
Football Universe Head to Head Football Universe Head to Head

Head to Head

The Head to Head game features a single player game mode, with multiple features. 

How will your team do in their next match? See your team's chances of winning their next game!

Who will win?

You choose the teams, you think have the best chance of winning this week's games. Unsure or feel a little biased, just hit skip. 

We show the results of who you chose, And who we think would win based on historical data And fancy formulas. We even show you what everyone else thinks!

Football Universe Team Pool Football Universe Team Pool

Team Pool

Set up your own Team Pool And invite your friends to play.  Make your picks from this weeks upcoming games.

See the results that all players in your Team Pool have chosen against teams to win their next game.

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FU poster
FU poster


SEAT at the Mall

For the Football Universe Project, native apps were created and published for the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store. The apps make extensive use of Web Services which offload the calculations and processing to a .NET and SQL Server based engine. This had the benefit of making the apps fast, flexible and secure!

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